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Paweł Widomski

Full stack developer + Salesforce developer + Smart Home

My name is Pawel. I'm a skilled full-stack developer with experience in various aspects of software projects - backend architecture, databases and front-end technologies (in that order). After work I enjoys motorcycles, sailing, electronics and board games. I love to spend time actively: at a gym, on a bicycle, swimming, hiking or sking.


Rspective, Katowice, Polska, Full stack developer + Salesforce developer
01/12/2016 - now

Salesforce development (classic, lightning components and external apis), node.js, react, aws, docker

Comarch, Katowice, Polska, Senior Developer
01/04/2016 - 30/11/2016

My responsibilities were extended to: set up and manage automatic static analysis of commited code in jenkins, adding new features in Comarch's framework for reconciliation (java), software architect-related tasks, which involves planning the reconciliation mechanisms (creating concept) and setting requirements for new features.

Comarch, Katowice, Polska, Developer
01/06/2013 - 30/03/2016

I was responsible for implementing reconciliation adapter for different vendors (Huawei, Cisco, Alcatel), which discovers discrepancies in telecommunication network. I was using Java as programming language, as well as, PL/SQL.Moreover there was a lot of analysis of NMS (Network Management System) database, which greatly improves my skills in SQL.Another duties includes: basic administration of oracle database (creating schemes, granting privileges, optimization), writing bash scripts to automate upgrade of software and running tests on environment, creating various tools, eg. website parser, excell reporter, writing groovy scripts (software updater, mediator which downloads responses from MTOSI web service), working with soap and rest services, writing JUnit tests.